Why the web?

The web is the least expensive way for businesses
of any size to reach potential customers 24 hours a day
7 days a week. For the cost of a single, small
newspaper advertisement, your business can get
a continuous, interactive web presence.
We can even optimize your site for all the major search
engines, so potential customers can find you easily!

Millions surf the web every day in search of information, entertainment, and merchandise...

Shouldn't you be there, too?

What do I get?

  • Your own business internet address
  • Custom-designed layout
  • Optimization of your site for Google
  • More exposure and more business!

Visit Websites

ABA Rentals
Coastal Engraving & Sign Company, Inc.
Eastern Outfitters
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Langley-Highland Flowers
LeeMo Marketing
Maher Construction
Mike's Collision Center
Misty's Hairstyling & Spa
North Carolina College of Theology
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Computer Related Services

  • We develop custom hardware to meet your information technology requirements
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Help you optimize your investment in computing technology
  • Use our experience and expertise to focus your information technology investments for maximum return
  • Eliminate errors & save time through process management & automation
  • Implement working backup and recovery plans to protect your critical data
  • Business systems analysis

Honeycutt Management & Technologies

Future business solutions, in today's world, need new Management & Technology practices to be incorporated with Advertising & Marketing principles for the complete works package. It's important to get connected on the Internet, but you also need a new way of displaying your information and giving others access to hidden information on your website.

A typical works package could include the following

  • Product information readily available so customers could search through the database for products to put in their shopping cart, and then order via secure e-mail server forms which could include the product, credit card number, and so forth.
  • Hidden access to service information for employees, which would include the most current information possible. This could be secure information stored in an extranet.
  • Virtual meeting location for customers, co-workers, clients, or maybe even a customer support arena. Unlike other chat rooms or VR meetings with the regular text interchange, your location could be set up so you could talk, see, and listen to the other party; can see your mouse movements and any changes on the desktop. All of this is set on a dynamic principal or on-the-fly change.
These are just a few solutions that could be acquired by a constantly changing Management & Technology practice. Many corporations pay huge amounts of money to keep up and develop new techniques for doing business. Web Works complete package updates and provides current technologies at reasonable and manageable costs to you. Just let us know what your needs are, by e-mailing your business problem, and a consultant will meet with you to give you a realistic estimate on the typical solution.

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